Product Name: Adult Bovine Serum (Raw or Filtered)
Product Type: From Naturally Clotted Blood
Catalogue Number: CAT 0801
Parameter Specifications
Pack Size 500mL, 1.0L, 5.0L, 10L, 20L or in Bulk
Customised Packing Size on Request
Note: head space volume to prevent overflow when freezing
Packing Material Round or Square Polypropylene or Polyethylene Terephthalate Plastic Containers
Foodgrade Approved (FDA & EU)
Tamper Evident Lid
Metal with Plastic Grip Handle for Larger Containers
Other Packaging Types Available on Request
Expiry Date 24 Months
Bioburden < 2,000 cfu/mL (Test on Request)
Not detected (Test on Request)
Endotoxin Less than 20 EU/mL
Representative Test results Less than 5.0 EU/mL
pH 6.0 to 9.0
Representative Test Results – pH 8.0
Osmoiality 280 to 340 mOsm/Kg
Haemoglobin Less than 50 mg/dL
Representative Test Results - between 25 and 45 mg/dL
Total Protein Greater than 45 g/L
Representative Test Results - between 60 and 80+ g/L
Retention Samples 3 x 100 mL samples in 100 mL LDPE vials
Storage Freezer below –20 °C


Note: Upon request the product can be further processed by filtration (0.45 or 0.2 um) to achieve filtered-clarified bovine serum.

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